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We have a wide range of facilities at CRS, all of which are available to hire privately to those with their own horse. Please browse to see what we have on offer.

Large Indoor Arena

40  x  20 m full size arena with mirrors

 Large covered outdoor arena

38 x 22 m full size arena with mirrors

All weather farm ride

Our Farm Ride is open all year round

Show Jumping arena

All of our show jumps are BS standard

Working Hunter arena

Challenging jumps and undulating ground

Dressage Arena

Available with white boards to hire: 40 x 20m + 60 x 20m

Hot & cold drinks

+ food and snack vending machines 

Weekend Cafe

Weekend cafe serving hot meals and drinks etc

Indoor viewing areas

All of our arenas have indoor viewing areas

Large Car Park

We have enough spots to allow everyone to park


Our BHS qualified instructors are available 7 days a week for one to one and group tuition. Our experienced staff and horses can cater for riders ranging from beginners to advanced, and for those wanting to specialise in show jumping or dressage. We currently offer tuition for riders from age four and have a weight limit for our adult riders of 13 stone.

  • Private

    1/2 Hour
    • One on one tuition
    • Semi – private also available (max 3)
    • Available at any level
    • Wider range of times
  • Beginners

    1/2 Hour
    • Mini group(max 4) week days
    • Group (max 7 riders)
    • Perfect for new riders
    • Lead rein/Off  lead rein
  • Intermediate

    1 Hour
    • Group Lesson
    • (max 8 riders)
    • From Walk and Trot
    • Learn to canter and above.
  • Advanced

    1 Hour
    • Advanced disciplines for the advanced rider
    • Jumping Classes
    • Dressage
    • Flat Classes


Here at CRS we have a dedicated team of experienced coaches ready to help you reach your goals. Our instructors can help with career advice, exam preparation, portfolio building, and goal setting for those wanting to work in the industry. We also run short courses for those about to embark on horse ownership for the first time. Our training is run in small groups or on a one to one basis.

BHS Approved Training Centre

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BHS Stage 1

This qualification will provide you with the competencies to apply basic principles of horse care. Working under supervision, you will have basic knowledge and practice of looking after a well-mannered horse in the stable and at grass. You will be capable of riding an experienced horse or pony in an enclosed space. You must be at least 14 years old to take this exam.

When you have achieved the Stage 1 Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding Certificate you will be able to progress to BHS Stage 2 Certificate in Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding. The Stage 1 certificate is recognised in its own right and provides a benchmark standard to employers. It is also a component part of The British Horse Society Assistant Instructor Certificate.

BHS Stage 2

This qualification will provide you with competencies to apply general principles for the management of horses’ health and well being. Working under regular but not constant supervision, you will be able to care for stabled and grass-kept horses during all seasons of the year. You will be able to ride an experienced horse or pony in the open as well as in a manège or indoor school.
You must be at least 16 years old and have completed BHS Stage 1 to take this exam. Before entering the riding section you must also have completed your BHS Riding and Road Safety Test.
When you achieve the Stage 2 Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding Certificate you will be able to progress to BHS Stage 3 Certificate in Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding. The Stage 2 Care Certificate is also recognised as a qualification in its own right and is a technical certificate for the Equine Apprenticeship. The Horse Knowledge & Riding Stage 2 is a prerequisite for the BHS Preliminary Teaching Test and is a component part of the BHS Assistant Instructor Certificate.

BHS Stage 3

This qualification will allow you to hone the skills you will have practised in Stages 1 and 2 and will provide you with the competencies and ability to look after up to four horses in stables and at grass in an unsupervised environment, ensuring that horses, stables, yard and fields are safe and in good order. You will be able to ride a variety of horses in a variety of circumstances. You will be able to begin to school horses and ride according to the horse’s needs. Riding tactfully and effectively, you will understand the reasons for your actions both in horse care and while riding.
You must be at least 17 years old and have completed BHS Stage 1 and 2 to take this exam.
On successful completion of the Stage 3 Horse Knowledge, Care and/ or Riding Certificate you will be able to progress to Stage 4 Horse Knowledge, Care and/or Riding. The Stage 3 Care Certificate is also recognised as a qualification in its own right and is a technical certificate for the Advanced Equine Apprenticeship. The HK & R Stage 3 is a component part of the BHS Assistant Instructor Certificate.

BHS Horse Owner Certificate

The Horse Owner’s Certificates are offered at four levels of knowledge with regard to the care and management of the horse. Although primarily aimed at the first time horse owner, parents of horse owners or potential owners, they are available to anyone interested in the care and welfare of horses. Each level will be assessed in the form of a written paper, which should be completed under examination conditions with an adjudicator present.

The person who takes overall responsibility for the training and the course must be a member of the BHS Register of Instructors. During the course the instructor will follow the syllabus appropriate for each of the levels.

The examination papers will be set and marked by the registered instructor in charge of the course. The pass mark for each Level is 60 percent and successful candidates will receive a certificate for each level attained. All certificates will be sent to the instructor, who will forward them on to candidates.

Riding & Road Safety

Riding & Road Safety

Taken by more than 4,000 candidates a year, the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test helps educate riders in road safety in order to minimise the risk involved when riding on the roads. The test is available to all riders from 12 years of age and is supported by the Department for Transport. It is probably the only test that any rider will undertake that has the potential to save not only their own life but that of their horse and other road users as well.

It is not essential to own a horse in order to take the test, as many riding schools and centres organise them for their pupils. Similarly, you do not have to attend a centre in order to take the training and the test. Although the published dates refer mainly to tests being held at centres, if a group of ten or more people can get together, many trainers and assessors are happy, subject to a satisfactory BHS Riding and Road Safety risk assessment being carried out, to come to them.

Candidates do not have to be BHS members.


BHS Preliminary Teaching Test (PTT)

This qualification will provide you with the competencies to apply the basic principles of coaching, to improve the rider’s horsemanship skills, following a progressive plan. You will understand the health and safety procedures involved in organising a lesson or hack in the open or on the roads. You will be able to modify sessions to facilitate the ability of the rider in front of you. You will be able to evaluate your own performance and show ability to assess progress in your pupils in an unsupervised environment.
You will be able to work in a commercial riding establishment or private yard or as a freelance coach. Preliminary Teachers will be able to register for and gain the Level 2 (UKCC Endorsed) Certificate in Coaching by completing a portfolio of evidence. Holders of the Preliminary Teaching Test, who have completed a portfolio are now able to progress to the BHS Intermediate Teaching Test. The Preliminary Teaching Test is a component part of the BHS Assistant Instructor Certificate.
You must be at least 18 years old and have completed Stages 1 and 2 to take this exam.

BHS Assistant Instructor (AI)

You can be awarded an Assistant Instructor Certificate by achieving your Knowledge, Care and Riding Stage 3, your Preliminary Teaching certificate and completing a Coaching Portfolio.
What does the Coaching Portfolio contain?
You need to submit a portfolio by completing tasks that are independently assessed. The following documents need to be included in your portfolio:
British Horse Society First Aid certificate or three day Health and Safety First Aid at Work
BEF or sports coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children – certificate of attendance.
Approved Assessors
Your portfolio needs to be assessed by an approved person, and you should contact them directly. Please see the Download section on the right of this page for an up-to-date list of approved assessors.
Follow the link to our bookshop where you’ll find DVDs and books to help with your revision.
The benefits
This is a recognised professional qualification and makes you eligible to join our list of registered instructors.

ABRS Qualifications

ABRS Progressive Rider Tests have been specifically designed to provide a logical
and progressive system of training. They give adult and child riders a structured
programme of realistic stepping stones to achieve their equestrian goals both in the
saddle and on the ground. The Tests can also be adapted as necessary to suit
riders with a disability.
Introductory Tests
Tests A to E in Equitation and Stable Management provide a very gentle introduction
for young children or nervous riders.
Equitation Tests
Candidates begin with Equitation Test 1 of the ABRS Progressive Rider Tests, which
encompasses the most basic aspects of learning to ride and may progress through to
Equitation Test 10, which includes lateral work and riding a dressage test. Jumping
is not mandatory; alternative sections are available for those opting not to jump.
Stable Management Tests
These Tests are designed to enhance knowledge of horse care and management.
Tests 1 to 10 cover the key aspects of looking after a horse. The Tests provide
invaluable know-how and confidence for parents of horse-mad children who are
beginning to feel a little out of their depth when they are roped in to help out with a
A formal certificate is awarded for every Test. The Tests are recognised nationally as
a respected standard of equestrian achievement.

Equine Specific First Aid

BHS First Aid courses provide a basic overview of first aid procedures, and focus on the injuries most likely to be sustained while handling and riding horses. The course is appropriate for anyone involved with the handling of horses and will also teach you what to do if you are first on the scene of an accident. The emphasis of the training is on providing essential help until a professional arrives.

See the list of current course dates on the events page.Please email our team at to register your interest and see what we’ve got planned.

The BHS Two-Day Initial First Aid Course

This two-day course is for anyone who has had no first aid training, or whose qualification has lapsed. On completion you receive an ID card and/or certificate of achievement valid for two years.
After completing this, every two years you will then need:

The BHS One-Day Refresher First Aid Course

This course is for everyone who holds a First Aid qualification that they need to update. This is required every two years and is necessary for Instructors wishing to remain on the register, unless they hold an up-to-date HSE First Aid at Work certificate. Anyone applying for a place on a one-day refresher course will be required to provide evidence of previous attendance at a First Aid at Work or BHS First Aid course.  If this qualification has lapsed, they will need to attend a Two Day BHS First Aid Initial course.

Safeguarding & Protecting Children Course

The BHS Safeguarding and Protecting Children course outlines the roles and the responsibilities that we and other BEF member organisations have in our duty of care towards young people, and includes guidelines on protecting young people and promoting good practice within the Equine Industry.  This course is valid for three years. When this period expires, you will need to do an online update. The course is suitable for those wishing to take BHS Examinations, join the BHS Register of Instructors and complete the UK Coaching Certificates.


The NPTC NVQ in Horse Care qualification covers areas such as assisting with the care of horses, cleaning the stables and yard, putting on and taking off, cleaning equipment; handling horses and safety and good working relations.

You’ll be assessed on the job, working with horses and carrying out other tasks in your usual workplace.

To gain an NVQ, you need to show you’ve got a particular set of skills. You usually work with your training provider to review your current skills and find the best way to gain new ones – perhaps by trying new things at work, or by studying.

NVQs are assessed at work or in a simulated workplace. For each unit your assessor watches and asks questions as you perform a task, or looks at a portfolio of work that you’ve built as formal evidence of your learning. Then they confirm you’ve got the skills to do the job well.

Level 2 in Horse Care
You have some experience of working with horses and want to show your competence at more complicated tasks. You want a recognised qualification to help you take on greater individual responsibility.

Level 3 in Horse Care
You have lots of experience of working with horses, and will usually be specialising in a specific area of horse care. Your work might involve coaching, managing and supervising other people.


Our farm ride hacks are available 7 days a week and take in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Whether you are wanting to ride for 1, 2 or 3 hours we can cater for your needs as part of an organised group or an a one to one basis.

  • Social Strollers Club

    Come and join your Ride Leader Jane for a leisurely ride out down in the Cheshire country lanes and bridleways, stopping for a cheeky ice cream or pub stop with their horse en route.

  • Farm Ride

    The 1hr farm rides are a popular option for many of our clients. They are held daily throughout the year and can cater for a wide range of abilities from beginner to advanced riders.

  • Marbury Park

    On Bank Holidays and on set days throughout the summer, our longer hacks of 2 or 3 hours take place to Marbury Park, where the ride takes us through the historical parkland.

“We can’t guarantee the weather, but we can guarantee a warm welcome”

– Andrea (owner)

Our History

Cheshire Riding School is long established and started in 1999 and has been based at Brookhouse Equestrian Centre since 2005. The CRS ethos from day one has been to provide an enjoyable, friendly, safe leisure environment for its customers with excellent facilities and superb horses and ponies.

Cheshire Riding School is very lucky to be based at such a scenic location in the beautiful cheshire countryside. Undulating dry land, ancient woodland, stream, all weather farm ride, superb riding and livery facilities make Cheshire Riding School amazing for everyone to enjoy.


Andrea and Ian first discovered Brookhouse farm, a former dairy farm, when we were looking to relocate from the original base at Arley. The farm was in a very run down state when it was found and it has taken many years of effort and investment to create the centre we have now. We have previously displayed “before and after” pictures at open days and events of how the centre was created.


Our superb team of staff are seeking to help us become the best riding school in the country. Cheshire Riding School has won a number of accolades already and is already very highly regarded by the BHS, ABRS, Pony Club and other equine bodies. We have been chosen as base for two BBC TV programmes a visit from ITV, won safety awards and many compliments from regulatory and licensing bodies on how well the yard is run and our horses are cared for.

Our Staff

We pride ourselves on having the most friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff we can find.

  • 1



    Andrea’s passion for many years has been horses. After successfully eventing her horse George she has followed her dream to share her knowledge with others and set up Cheshire Riding School. Andrea’s aim was to provide the community with access to riding in a fun but safe environment. Andrea enjoys seeing her horses and staff succeed  and is hands on in the business. Andrea can be seen taking Molly or helping to keep our exam candidates at ease on exam days.

  • Jane


    Chief Ride Leader & Head Groom

    Jane is our chief ride leader and has been riding since she was a child.
    Jane takes out most of our hacks and is very experienced riding outdoors. Jane is familiar with all of our local hacking routes and enjoys taking clients to Marbury Park, The Aston Ring and around our farm ride.

  • mel


    Yard Manager

    Mel has worked at Cheshire Riding School for many years. She is kind, knowledgable and prides herself on high standards of horse welfare.

  • Phil


    Chief Instructor

    BHSII, BSc Hons, UKCCL3, TAQA L3: Phillippa has worked in the equine industry for many years, successfully training students up to BHSAI. She is heavily involved in the training of our staff, career students, exam clients  and pony club teams. Phillippa stays up to date and has regular training with a variety of coaches. She has successfully worked and trained young horses, having produced and competed  her own horse at The Royal International Horse Show twice.


Cheshire Livery Stables is a BHS Livery and BHS Facilities approved yard.

We have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified staff to offer full, part or DIY livery for your horse that is first class.
Our happy liveries enjoy all year round turn out with well maintained fencing and grazing.
No muddy legs in winter as we are on dry sandy well drained land.

We offer on site tuition with our qualified instructors with excellent facilities:
– Secluded outdoor livery exclusive arena
– Large Floodlit indoor arenas with arena mirrors
– Round lunging pen
– Floodlit yard, car and box parking
– Jumping paddock and riding fields
– All weather farm ride and gallops
– Hot wash room
– Off road hacking
– Quality home grown haylage, hay and bedding delivered to your stable.

We are also the base for Bridgewater Riding Club so it’s great for those wishing to take part in shows without the need for a box and hacking distance from other competitions.

You can enjoy hacking through the open fields and ancient woodland, popping over our wide variety of cross country fences or ride along our stream and over our water features.

Contact Us

Our Latest Facebook Info

We had some fantastic news today!! Our staff member Sophie has been accepted on to the BHS scholarship scheme which will now mean she receives funding to gain her BHSAI qualification. The BHS qualifications are renowned for being the best and are recognised internationally. All our instructors are BHS qualified and are aiming for higher level exams in the future. If you have been successful in gaining a scholarship and have chosen us as a centre to take your exams we are able to provide training up to BHSAI. #BHS #scholarships #funding #qualifications #training #career #apprenticeships #cheshire ... See MoreSee Less

We have some midweek availability for private lessons this week! Special price of £20!
Monday 9 &10.30am, 3.30pm
Tuesday 11am & 2pm
Wednesday 9.30,10 & 11am, 1, 3pm
Thursday 2&3.30pm
Friday 9, 9.30, 10, 10.30 & 3.30.
Contact reception to book! 01606 892111
... See MoreSee Less

Results are coming in for our clients who took their BHS Stage Two exam last week! Phillippa and the whole CRS team would like to congratulate Charlotte, Helen, Sophie, Jackie and Becky on receiving such fantastic results! This now frees up some space on our BHS Stage two training on Wednesday evenings with Phillippa from 7-9pm. We have extended our offer of 45 minute private sessions for £40 with Phillippa until 12th December for training clients. If you have an exam booked with us or would like an assessment this is a great opportunity to get discounted training on exam horses! #BHS #BEF #ABRS #training #exams #congratulations #celebrations #career #students ... See MoreSee Less

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